Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

We want to inform all of our private coaching clients about the introduction of our new Private Lesson Cancellation Policy, which will come into effect from the commencement of  2014/2015 ..

From this time, all private tennis lessons who cancel without fair warning and without a reasonable explanation will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the lesson cost.

Fair warning for the cancellation of a lesson is as follows:

All Morning & Weekend lessons: Notification must be given to the coach no later than 6:00 pm the day before the lesson.

All after school and evening lessons: Notification must be given no later than 1.00 PM on the day of the lesson.

The reason we feel it is necessary to introduce this policy is due to an increasing number of late and last minute cancellations, which unfairly effect the coaches. A cancellation at the last minute means a coach is unable to reschedule or book in another lesson.

The cancellation policy isn't intended as a penalty and will not be used against clients who do the right thing, but rather it is being introduced to encourage greater accountability and better communication between clients.

If anyone has any questions about the policy or wants to discuss it further please feel free to speak to Chris or Phil at any time..



                                                          Chris & Phil